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In the modern era we hardly have time to do things the old school way. The internet has revolutionized the way we think, eat, sleep and socialize with other human beings. Be it making friends, ordering pizza or dating your perfect match, all can be done through the internet. We reviewed a dating site for its authenticity and originality. The open website can be accessed by anyone at


The purpose of this review is to help the people to stay away from scams which usually dating sites run to fool people into giving credit card information or hard earned money easily. Many fake websites have for a very long time has fooled honest people looking for serious soul mates. We will take you through the requisite steps needed to find your perfect match who is out there waiting for you. At the start of the page, you get an initial startup so that bots and computerized access is controlled. You enter basic information like your name and email address and move on to the next phase.

1About your date

The next step is filling up of information about the kind of girl you want. The data which has to be entered may look a little long and lethargic, but rest assure once you are through with the process you will never regret the time wasted on this step. The information ranges from the kind of relationship you are looking for. Therefore it is not like Tinder where you are only online for a quick fix but this site can help you develop long term relationships as well. The next option is the range of age you would like to date. This is absolutely necessary so you don’t end up on a date with a 20 years older or younger girl which may be awkward. The next option is about her having children or not. The next step which is very important is the physical attributes you want so that she is not only compatible to you but also you feel confident with and around her. This page also includes her smoking and drinking preferences so that you know exactly what kind of a situation you are walking in once you meet her.


About Yourself

The next page perhaps is the most important and filling the right information will increase your chances to find the perfect lady for yourself with whom you cannot only have fun but a solid future as well. This page is about you and you alone. The country of residence and area is of extreme importance as it will be weird if you are in USA and the girl you find is in India as research says Long Distance Relationship is usually a dead end. Then it comes to the very basic information about you. This information includes your age, height and body type. Like the previous page, this also includes information about your children and future preferences about them. The next field is related to your religion education and most importantly your occupation. Women are largely attracted to successful men so if you have achieved something in life, flaunt about it a little. The next field is about your smoking and drinking habits, which many people lie about and which causes later problems. Be truthful and you will find the right person as there is always someone made for you out there. The last column is about describing yourself. A simple “nice guy” will never turn any heads or get you any hits. Be creative and explain your life journey. Nobody is ever interested in the number of hours you bill.



The next page which in the online world is considered the most attractive is the addition of your pictures. Research clearly shows that any article on the internet with a picture is clocked on more than one with no picture. The article may be an item you want to sell like a car or a Facebook profile. This fact cannot be denied that looks matter a lot to people in the dating industry. You can either add photoshopped fake pictures which will end up in an automatic rejection when you meet your date. Therefore it is better to put pictures with lots of creativity in it. Use your travel pictures rather than your work pictures. It has been a known fact that women are more attracted to men who travel and especially those who love adventure so if you thought that surfing trip was a waste, here is some food for thought for you. Hence this is the step that will ensure that you get the girl of your dreams running around you, sometimes in a happy mood and sometimes wanting to kill you, the part and parcel of a relationship.



There is no such thing as perfection therefore if we tell you that this website will find you the perfect woman, we will be lying to your face and we don’t do that. Any kind of a relationship has to be worked upon, even if it is a casual fling. There are a lot of inputs that are needed for any relationship to be successful, be it short term or long term. Therefore it is very necessary to be smart while filling up dating site forms and then praying for success. The algorithm of this website has been engineered so almost everybody finds a perfect match for themselves. It has been emphasized in this review time and again that different individuals and organizations are playing with the emotions of people who are willing to pay for dating, huge scams have been exposed and there are more out there that have not been traced yet. Hence, be very careful while choosing dating websites and go through their reviews completely. The only assistance we can provide you is that we can assure you that is not a scam and there are real women out there dying to meet you.

Editor Score [4.3 / 5]

User Score [4.4 / 5]

[Total: 16596 Average: 4.4] Review on August 8, 2016 rated 4.3 of 5

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