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       If you want to date seriously with the most detailed compatibility profile with a very high success rate, Eharmony is the place for you! All it takes is just a few minutes to fill out your profile, and you’re all set to go! Unlike all the other dating websites out there they not only have a page dedicated to their success stories, but they have over 430 marriages happening due to their website, every day!


       In addition to the excitement of a high rate of success users are having there is a wide variety of ages, races, and religions on eHarmony for you to choose from. No matter your personality, there is definitely someone on here for you for just about any scenario. In addition to all this, eHarmony is currently offering the ability to message your matches for free without it costing you a dime, check it oue below to try it out,


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eHarmony Features:


       Not only do they have over 20 million users registered through their website, they have nearly 438 marriages occuring on a daily basis based on various statistics tools due to their amazing compatibility profile you fill out when you first join. It only takes a few minutes but once it’s all done you’re all set to see who you match with on both an emotional and personal level, before you even meet them! Check out the video below for the more inner workings of the page and other features,



       No matter who you are, there is features for everyone and they have a very good ease of use so you won’t get frustrated or confused, and most importantly you won’t get lost as it’s a very easy to use interface focusing completely on your compatibility profile to match you with only the most ideal profiles that best fit your needs and interests.


       If you still are feeling a bit iffy with the website, keep in mind that they have a page completely dedicated to their success stories so you can read all about those who have already had success and are getting married, on a daily basis! In addition to that they provide an extensive list of tips and tricks to help you build confidence that you’ll find that special someone through the advice of many professionals and those just like yourself.


eHarmony Sign-up


       When it comes to eHarmony it’s very easy to sign-up and get started. You fill out some questions, and as you progress you get prompts just like the one shown above. You simply fill out the compatibility profile and when you’re done, you’re all set to view your matches and get started. When signing up as a member, you actually get the benefit of more profiles to look through, seeing the pictures of the individuals, and having the option of unlimited messages to send out to your potential matches.


eHarmony Safety



       When it comes to Eharmony not only have they been keeping individuals information safe for many years but they also state outright that they’re TrustE certified, BBB trusted, and norton secured. You know your information will be safe when using the website, and that you can view your matches and chat with them with ease without having a care in the world about the potential chance to compromise your information.


eHarmony Prices:

       There are multiple varieties of packages available and if you want the full access to everything exciting that EliteSingles has to offer, you’ll have ot pay in regards ot the prices listed above. There is a few specials going on currently where you can save up to 66% and you’ll get tons of exciting pictures such as access to detailed and very screened profiles, mobile phone access, wildcard matches, see who

read your messages, visited your profile, and most importantly access to unlimited communication!


       When it comes to eHarmony it’s nice that you can send messages but this just gives you a taste of the potential of the dating website for adults, as with a membership you get access to additional features such as the Relyid to fully verify your profile as a reputable user, SecureCall to place calls through the website, and a Premium Book of you which allows you to provide a more detailed compatibality profile which gives others a better insight into your personality. In addition to this, you can send unlimited messages, and have access to a much bigger compatbility match profile list as well as view the pictures of the users you’re talking to!

eHarmony Search Features:


       Unlike your standard match searching features, eHarmony does the leg work for you and provides you with the actual profiles of those that fit your compatibility profile as close as possible. As a free user you can see them as you see them above, but as a paid user you get access to see their pictures, additional profiles and even more exciting features!


eHarmony Last Minute Highlights:


       Ultimately if you’re still having second thoughts take the time to at least join the website, message a few of your matched up compatibility list users and see if you enjoy yourself. You ultimately have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Especially if you find that special someone for you that matches up with you almost to a tee based on both of your compatibility profiles.


       Not only do you get new compatbility matches daily, but you can send a good bit of messages to the users that interest you for free just to try the website out, as well as have the security of one of the largest dating websites out there on your side, and a trusted list of successs stories and advice to get you way ahead of the game in regards to dating to make sure if you do find the ideal match, you’ll be able to win them over in no time. Check it out below and get started today and start getting to know your matches at your own pace,


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Editor Score [4.8 / 5]

User Score [4.9 / 5]

[Total: 86596 Average: 4.9]

eHarmony Review on March 16, 2016 rated 4.8 of 5

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